Blue Lug is open today! Our mechanic is busy changing the Nitto handlebars!


How cool is this!! Matching grip and bell!! Beauty of the product & the sound. KNOG "Oi" bell, BLUELUG exclusive color. Available 2 different sizes (S:22.2cm / L:23.8-31.8cm). And our mechanic staff "Duncan" is trying to be as cool as possible (but smiling....)


Seems pretty fun!! On the way to get West Tokyo camp site!! Have fun!!! And safe ride!! check #sucharakacampout.


Tokyo is raining. We are middle of rainy season. FAIRWEATHER rain poncho saving my body and backpack. Small but big effect.


Our 3rd shop "BLUE LUG YOYOGI-PARK". We work hard day to night.


One of our mechanics, Kaneyan is an expert of window cleaning, cuz he used to work as a skyscraper window cleaner on a gondola


"WAYNE'S WORLD" Wayne and Garth? "BILL&TED'S BOGUS JOURNEY" Bill and Ted? "BLUES BROTHERS" Jake and Elwood? Naaah!!! They are "KANEYAN" & "DIGITAL" from BLUELUG HATAGAYA. They are teasing each other and create great vibes in the mechanic pit.


Japan is middle of the long holiday!!! Such a beautiful sunny day today! We just opened!!! Everybody welcome!


Always it's great to see the customer's smile. Big thanks for choosing us.


This is how BLUELUG KAMIUMA store open!!! Konno-boy(blue shirt) is working hard!!! Such a good boy!!!


Chuyan cuts spokes by the Phil Wood's spoke cutter. Yes, building wheels! We make customer's wheels every single day.


Spring has come!! This is how we open the shop!! If you have chance to come Tokyo, please stop by and say hello!!