*RIVENDELL* sackville baggabond saddle bag (royal)

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The Sackville Hippisack saddle bag from Rivendell Bicycle Works.

The SACKVILLE HappiSack is their most all-around useful biggish saddlebag. If you find you wish it were bigger, you have an excuse to get a BaggaBond sometime, and for smaller loads (not food shopping), the BagBoy is good. But for general use, this is the one.

ALL Sackville Saddlesacks are the result of 30+ years of saddlebag use and obsession. These are their original designs, made without compromise in Connecticut. They're expensive, but last decades. They all require a saddle with loops. All modern leather saddles and some plastic ones (Brooks Cambium Allweather saddles) have them.


The Sackvilla Baggabond saddle bag from Rivendell cycle works in San Francisco.

A big & tall saddlebag for tall riders with a 13-inch or bigger gap between the saddlebag loops and the tire or fender or rack, whatever sticks up highest. In this case, a normal-depth bag will sit on air, which you can’t put stuff in.

With this bagabond, and at the request of Will, we’ve filled that gap with bag interior, so you can carry more stuff. This is now Will’s dream bag for bike camping. This and a basket up front, and you’re all set, daddy-o!

Same materials and quality as our other Sackville bags. Single-strap flap with dowel, quite nifty. Tie-down points if you have a rack under it. Two lasher straps for the saddle loops and one strap for the seat post, or, below it, for a rack. It’s there to use if you need it, or zip-tie it to the rack. All will be clear when you see it and use it. You’ll think, aha, they anticipated my urgent need!

It doesn’t come with a Kangaroo pocket, but we sell it separately, and we reduced the price accordingly. Get one that doesn’t match! Fun psychedelia!
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Size:width 39cm × length 27cm × height 21cm
Fabric:Waxed cotton, leather