*SWIFT INDUSTRIES* peregrine randonneur bag (12L/x-pac black)

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The Pergine Randonneur bag.

You could probably tell by the name. They are designed for Rando bikes.

The size of the bag is rather compact in order to be able to install them on bikes with drop bars.

They are also able to fit on rando racks from Velo Orange and such.

Like it is noted above, the bag it self is rather small, but capable of packing enough stuff.
Therefore, they are a convenient bag to have on trips or your daily ride.

X-PAC nylon, which is known for the light weight, durability, and water resistance is used.
The bag will protect your stuff from getting wet.

On top of the bag, there is a see-through pocket for the users to put a map.
It just makes so much sense since Swift is a big fan of touring.

To attach the bag, you will only need to strap with the velcro belts on the bottom. There are also plates on the sides and the bottom to protect you belongings.

The Ozett V2 will surly be a great bike bag to have for grocery getting, grabbing a couple of beers, and bike trips.
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Material:X-PAC nylon
size:length 23cm x width 28cm x depth 19cm





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