NJS (Japan Bicycle Promotion Organization).

In the history of bicycle culture, it is a spearhead of the pistol movement that beat out the highest instantaneous sight gain, a shadow player.

A bicycle racers betting on their own pride and life The equipment (parts) to be put into the war race is of course the one that requires the highest quality both in terms of performance and safety. Then, absolute fairness is necessary in playing field and game of competitors (velodrome), and the unified standard established there is called "NJS standard".

The parts made for the professional who clears the strict criteria are all the masterpieces boasting the highest quality.

Designs designed by domestic first-class manufacturers such as "NITTO" and "SUGINO" specially designed for use in competition do not have any waste and even remember their beauty in their quiet appearance.

It is NJS parts that are still quite popular among people who are worshiped among some enthusiastic believers.

Why do not you touch that mysterious charm.
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