The folding bike company from the UK. All of their bicycles fold up to a small size, which is great for rinkoing and for riders who live in a small country like us in Japan.
They are fun to customize and of course feel great to pedal. This might be "the ultimate everyday bike".

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  1. *MKS*  us-s Ezy pedal
    *MKS* us-s Ezy pedal
  2. Out of stock
    *EERDER METAAL* xplorer front bag (olive)
  3. Out of stock
    *EERDER METAAL* bag pockets (olive)
  4. Out of stock
    *EERDER METAAL* bag pockets (black)
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    *EERDER METAAL* backpack kit
    *EERDER METAAL* backpack kit
    Out of stock

54 Items