"Yoshigai" is the company that produces the Dia-Compe components and is also known as the "Walking Dictionary" of the bike industry.
They have been in business for over 70 years. Now that is some dedication right there!
Their craftsman ship has been evolving throughout the years and they have been a huge help to the bike industry big time.

95 Items

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    *DIA-COMPE* DC-135 brake lever (silver)
  2. Out of stock
    *DIA-COMPE* cable adjust bolt (silver)
  3. Out of stock
    *DIA-COMPE* dc-175 brake lever (silver)
  4. Out of stock
    *DIA-COMPE* 1275 canti brake wire
  5. Out of stock
    *DIA-COMPE* brake adjuster (black/silver)
  6. Out of stock
    *YOSHIGAI* university hoodie (ash)
  7. Out of stock
    *DIA-COMPE* BRS100 short reach brake (silver)
  8. Out of stock
    *DIA-COMPE* dc-139 brake lever (gold)
  9. Out of stock
    *ENE CICLO* touring disc hub front (silver)
  10. Out of stock
    *DIA-COMPE* WIN brake lever (black)

95 Items