*BL SELECT* sail twine

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Made in the USA.

A repairing yarn for yachts.

You can use them as tying the edge of the cloth tape on your handle bars, and use them to do the Blue Lug's famous "Cha-Shu Maki" custom. (Shown in the 2nd and 3rd picture)

A "Cha-Shu" is a Chinese roasted pork fillet. Its the pork meat you would see in a bowl of ramen. (The legit kind of ramen. Not the cup noodles) And "Maki" means to roll.

So, why do we call it the "Cha-Shu Maki custom"? The answer is behind the way we cook Cha-Shu. At a certain point of cooking Cha-Shu, we would boil the meat for hours, that is when we tie the pork with thin ropes to prevent the pork meat to collapse. The way we tie the pork meat looks just like the handle bars in the 2nd, and 3rd picture.

Made of waxed polyester fiber. Stronger than hemp yarns.
can be used in multiple purposes.

Comes with a #14 sewing needle (same size as spokes)

Made in the USA.
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length:27.5 yards (about 25 meters)




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