*BLUE LUG* local park cap (hatagaya/charcoal)

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We have 3 shop branches in Tokyo. Hatagaya the HQ, Kamiuma the nerdiest shop of all thee and Yoyogi Park which is the cleanest and the busiest of all the stores.
Each shops have their local park. We unofficially made some souvenir caps for those parks, just for the fun of it.

This is the Hatagaya Third Park Cap.

We have no idea where the "First" and the "Second" park is, but the park nearest to the Hatagaya store is The Third Park, which is right in front of the Chinese restaurant, Ko-Ya, who we made an official collab tee with.
Compared to the other local parks of the other two Blue Lug stores, this park is by far the most depressing park to be honest. It's built under a hill so it's dark, has a pathetic water fountain that the water is always kinda cloudy and disgusting and the park itself is really small. Oh, and the amount of mosquitos in this spot is awful, hence this design.

With that all being said, we do appreciate this park since most of the product photos are shot here. Hatagaya is a chill city, but there's just too many concrete and buildings so, photos become very Gray. We always try to find a new spot to shoot photos but we always end u at this spot, so I guess we can say that this is the nicest looking place in Hatagaya?

If you're ever in Hatagaya, I highly recommend peaking this park. It's just hilariously terrible.

At least the hat came out nice though!
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