*FAIRWEATHER* handlebar bag + (x-pac coyote)

Spec / Color


Dimension : height - 16.5 cm (6.3 inch), width 40.5 cm (15.7 inch), depth 6cm (2.4 inch)
Capacity : Main roll bag 12L, Accesary bag 3L
Weight : 620 gram (1.35 lb)
Come with 8 pads


X-pac coyote

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The Fairweather original handlebar bag.

This handlebar bag can be mounted either under the seat or on the handlebar.

The X-pac waterproof nylon bag combines a versatile carrying capacity with style.

"X-Pac nylon is the combination of X-Pac™ Ripstop Polyester, waterproof construction technology, and nylon fabric face, which provides an ideal balance of weight and durability."

A key feature is its 3 separable structure, each part can be used alone as a harness, a main roll-bag, and a small-pack. By making a harness and bags separable, you can easily take only bags with you without fuss of detaching/attaching every time when you leave your bicycle.

Harness part is highly expandable to hold a sleeping bag, a tent, and etc. other than the main roll-bag. Fabric used for both the main roll-bag and the small-pack is laminated with waterproof film. Harness part is made from 3 layers; the anti-slip material to secure the main roll-bag, the core to hold gears in place, and the waterproof tarpaulin to keep the core dry.

Easy to convert into a seat bag by mounting on saddle loops. As a seat bag, it can carry larger or longer gears which are difficult to fit under the drop bar.

This handlebar bag helps your bicycle camping in various situation with its versatility and expansibility.


**if you want to put on a drop handlebar, it needs a 400mm clearance.

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  • *FAIRWEATHER* handlebar bag + (olive)

    *FAIRWEATHER* handlebar bag + (olive)

  • *FAIRWEATHER* handlebar bag + (black)

    *FAIRWEATHER* handlebar bag + (black)

  • *FAIRWEATHER* handlebar bag + (brown)

    *FAIRWEATHER* handlebar bag + (brown)

  • *FAIRWEATHER* handlebar bag + (x-pac black)

    *FAIRWEATHER* handlebar bag + (x-pac black)