*KNOG* PWR road

Spec / Color


Size : 104×30mm
Weight : 125g
Light color : White (For front)
Light output : 600 Lumens (For front)
Battery type : USB rechargeable lithium ion battery (3350mHh)
Runtime : 2.3 hours (ride mode) to About 195 hours (Eco-flash mode)
Charge time : 3.5 hours
Include : Micro USB cable, side mount, gimbal shim
Clamp size : 22.2 to 31.8mm



PWR Road is a modular bike light. But it's not JUST another bicycle light.

Not only is it a high power headlight, but simply take the product apart and you have much more. A lighthead for other PWR bike and camping lights, plus a PWR Bank to charge devices that is also the battery for all products in the PWR range.

The PWR Road outputs a max 600 lumens, can run for up to 195 hours on Eco Flash mode, uses an elliptical beam for broader road coverage, can be mounted both on top or under the handlebar (mount under your Garmin), or your helmet, incorporates twist mode operation (turn the light on and off twisting the lighthead - no buttons) and gives you the option to program your brightness and runtime through our ModeMaker app.

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PWR from knog on Vimeo.


  • *KNOG* PWR commuter

    *KNOG* PWR commuter

  • *KNOG* PWR rider

    *KNOG* PWR rider

  • *KNOG* PWR trail

    *KNOG* PWR trail

  • *KNOG* PWR light head (600L)

    *KNOG* PWR light head (600L)

  • *KNOG* PWR light head (1000L)

    *KNOG* PWR light head (1000L)

  • *KNOG* PWR bank (S/3350mAh)

    *KNOG* PWR bank (S/3350mAh)

  • *KNOG* PWR bank (M/5000mAh)

    *KNOG* PWR bank (M/5000mAh)

  • *KNOG* PWR side mount

    *KNOG* PWR side mount

  • *KNOG* PWR helmet mount

    *KNOG* PWR helmet mount