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Load capacity:36 kg (80lbs)



Surly Nice Racks are expedition-quality bicycle racks for extended touring, camping, etc.

Surly’s Rear Rack is made of tubular CroMoly steel and is designed for expedition touring. It is easily repairable on the road and strong enough that you’ll likely never have to worry.

The Rear Rack is also height adjustable and can fit a wide selection of wheel sizes while allowing you to keep the center of gravity as low as possible for a stable ride. There’s plenty of room up top to lash all kinds of things: small travel guitars, medium pizzas, tents, camping chairs, cinder blocks, it’s really up to you. The stainless steel hardware will enable you to fit them to most rigid 26", 700c and some 29+ frames, and forks equipped with the drum, caliper, or cantilever brakes. Disc brakes and suspension are generally not compatible with Surly rear Racks, though there is an increasing number of frames designed to allow the use of racks and disc brakes.

The Rear rack will work with disc brakes on Surly Troll, Ogre, and Disc Trucker frames. This is accomplished by moving the rear caliper inside the rear triangle.

Great for anything from commuting to cross-continental globe trekking, the Surly Nice Rack is so much more than "nice."

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  • *SURLY* nice rack front (black)

    *SURLY* nice rack front (black)

  • *SURLY* nice rack front (silver)

    *SURLY* nice rack front (silver)

  • *SURLY* rack rear upper kit

    *SURLY* rack rear upper kit

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